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    Elite Business Services Ltd Incorporated in 2008 to provide assistance with a number of programs and services for businesses & individuals operated through the government including Filing Income Tax Returns, Tax Support, Seniors Benefits, PHSP / HSA ….

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  • 100% Tax Deductible | No Monthly Premiums | Complete Coverage

    Typical Benefit Plans have multiple restrictions to the amount of benefits your are entitled to under specific categories the PHSP / HSA accounts are designed to allow you to pay for the medical expenses that you need to a maximum amount. And it's completely tax-free Elite Business Services Ltd. is an administrative provider for the PHSP / HSA accounts that are governed by the Canada Revenue Agency.

  • What is a PHSP / HSA ?

    A Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) (oftentimes also referred to as a Health Savings Account - HSA) is a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)  approved health services plan for Canadian Business owners that allow them to deduct as an expense medical and dental costs through their company. This is a great, cost-effective way to provide flexible health care benefits to your employees with the potential for huge tax savings. Employees may also contribute to an HSA account as a tax free option to raise the amount of coverage - employers will include the employee contribution on their T4 as a box 85

    Sign up for one of the packages listed below to take advantage of tax free health-related medical expenses.

    Level 1 -  based on 3% of your employees gross wage. Registration fee of $100 + 5% admin fees

    Level 2 - based on 5% of your employees gross wage. Registration fee of $150 + 5% admin fees

    Level 3 - based on a predetermined flat fee  Registration fee of $200 + 5% admin fees

    The plan is used only when health related claims are processed for cost + fees

  • How it works

    1. The Employee / Dependents pay medical expenses - at the time and place of services.

    2. Employee submits a claim to Elite Business Services Ltd. Will process the claim and send the employer an invoice for the amount + admin fees

    3. Elite Business Services Ltd. will send the Employee a reimbursement cheque, and the employer a receipt for the tax deductible expenses.

  • Income Tax Returns

    Personal, Rental, Farm & Small Business Returns

    Does tax time stress you out ? - Elite Business Services Ltd. is registered as a certified professional with the Canada Revenue Agency - our goal is to help you pay less tax.  We look for every opportunity to maximize the tax deductions and credits as well as any additional programs or services available provincially or federally that you may be entitled to.

    Getting organized is the first step in being able to claim every available deduction and credit you are entitled to.

    Employment Expenses | Medical Expenses | Home Buyers Credit | Disability Tax Credits | Tuition | Child Care Expenses | Pension Splitting …. 

    File your tax returns

  • Audit Ready Bookkeeping Service

    Personal, Rental, Farm & Small Business 

  • Income Tax Support

    the Canada Revenue Agency isn't always right ! No matter how accurately your taxes are prepared - the Canada Revenue Agency may review the deductions and credits that have been claimed, request more information before or after they process the return.

    If you have received a letter from the CRA disallowing your deductions or requesting more information we will work on your behalf to review / and prepare the required documentation. We can provide support on an hourly basis to defend your return.

    If you disagree with a decision made by the audit / review. you have 30 day's to file an objection.

  • ... support when you need it !

    the Canada Revenue Agency's Battle Against taxpayers has just begun …. 

    As we've come to the end of the first stage of tax filing season for most Canadians, people breathe a sigh of relief that there annual tax nightmare is 


  • Carbonless Forms

    Multipart forms are an essential part to running your business efficiently. Printing customized, high quality forms keeps your business organized and presents a professional appearance.. Snap sets, books, multipart, cheques, deposit books ...

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